Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Injury Updates: Webber, Wilson, Vicini

A reader recently requested injury updates on Cody Webber, Ethan Wilson and Joe Vicini, all of whom have missed most of this season due to injury. Harold, here you go...

Cody Webber
The freshman infielder from Fountain Valley, CA was hitting .304 with 10 runs scored in 12 starts and 15 games overall before he went down. Unfortunately, it appears that he is done for the season, and it's hopeful he will be granted a "hardship waiver" (also commonly called a medical redshirt).

Ethan Wilson
The word is that the sophomore infielder from Pendleton Heights, IN is also likely done for the season. After hitting .292 in 41 games (including 29 starts) last season, Wilson was hitting .400 with 4 RBIs in 4 starts (5 games overall) before the injury bug struck. The team is hopeful that he will also be granted a "hardship waiver."

Joe Vicini
There is better news on this front. The senior left-hander from Rural Valley, PA is back in uniform and is "day-to-day." Vicini just recently started throwing, so an exact date of return is not yet know. Assuming all goes well in the next week or so, I would think we could expect to see Vicini get some work on the mound in midweek contests sooner rather than later.


  1. Great thanks. Vicini gives us another lefthander out of the bullpen so I'm hoping he's back soon!

  2. 15 games played may be too much to get a medical redshirt. I hope I'm wrong though. I would also love to see Vicini back on the mound asap.

  3. If Cody had played one more game he would not be eligible for a medical redshirt, he will redshirt this year.

  4. Great! It's unfortunate that Webber couldn't play this year, but he should make an immediate impact next year. Same with Ethan. Let's all hope for a full recovery and good offseason for both.