Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Hits: Miami (OH), Western Illinois

Although midweek wins or losses unfortunately probably do not matter at this point in the entire scheme of things, these two games will be important to get good work in for some of the IU pitchers (specifically Carr, Squires, O'Gara, and Leininger) who will be needed if we want to win the conference regular season, conference tournament, and/or additional post-season games.

Miami (OH)
Tuesday, April 28, 4:00pm
Sembower Field, Bloomington, IN
IU - RHP Matt Carr (1-4, 5.74) | MU - TBA
Coach Tracy Smith's former team, Miami (OH), comes to Bloomington with a 21-18 record. They come into the game with a team batting average of .313 and a team ERA of 5.65. The RedHawks are a threat to go deep with 3 guys having 8 or more homeruns (Eaton, Nurre, Hatfield). In addition to the long ball, they also have several speedsters on the basepaths (Eaton: 19-19, Nurre: 12-12, Edgington: 11-15). In addition to the momentum IU will be bringing from the conference win vs. Michigan, IU's Crabb Band (who play at soccer, volleyball, and women's basketball games), will be at the game.

Western Illinois
Wednesday, April 29, 4:00pm
Sembower Field, Bloomington, IN
Western Illinois has really struggled this year compiling an 8-26 record. While their offense has been consistent with a .302, they have struggled to contain their opponents offense. Their team ERA is 10.71 (yes, that is not a misprint). They only have one guy with an ERA under 6.99, and he has only pitched one inning! As a team, they have also walked more batters than they have struck out (164 vs. 162). Given our potent offense, I have to think the IU bats should really destroy the Leatherneck pitching.

Check out the IU release for more information.


  1. 10.71 ERA...WOW! And, you gotta imagine we don't even see their top 3 bc they use them in conference play.

  2. Can I get an at bat or two?

  3. I don't know about you Scott, but let's hope a lot of Hoosiers are able to get some at bats tomorrow.

  4. I agree George...and it looks like they did!