Sunday, May 10, 2009

IU Baseball Coach Tracy Smith - Wired Up


  1. The pitching has been really what has set us apart in the Big Ten season with a phenomenal 3.97 team ERA! Offense has still been ok with a .293 average, but the defense has 26 errors in 20 games. Let's pull it all together like we know we can for MSU and into the conference tournament.

  2. So, what do you guys think for next week?
    1) use the starters like we always have
    2) rest the starters completely and throw other guys to get them work in before the Big Ten tourney
    3) use the starters out of the pen if needed
    4) start the starters but limit them to strict pitch counts
    5) other

  3. I like starting Arnett, Bashore, and Monar as normal but only allowing them to go around 80 pitches. They will have to get in the work anyways because they can't just take a week off. Then, we rely on the bullpen, defense, and offense to get the wins because it could still be a HUGE series for seeding.

  4. If I thought we didn't have a chance to get 1st or 2nd in the Big Ten, I would say to limit them, but it is such an advantage to get those top 2 seeds that we might want to play to win and that probably means using the starters as normal. But, if we don't get one of the top 2 seeds, they will have 6 days rest instead of the normal 7. It is tough because we don't know what is going to happen to 3 teams with better records than us.