Saturday, June 6, 2009

MLB Draft

Let's take a look at the Hoosiers that will potentially be drafted this year. The draft will take place this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Eric Arnett - Most mock drafts have him going in the latter half of the first round.

Josh Phegley - Scouts love his makeup but continually question his defensive ability as well as his bat speed. Rounds 2-4 seem to be where most experts have him going.

Matt Bashore - Bashore's stock fell a bit after being hit hard by Vanderbilt, but it will be a big surprise if he is not selected on Day 1.

Evan Crawford - Despite his mostly average numbers, he still has Major League speed and will be very intriguing to any team looking for an athlete. Look for him to go early on Day 2.

Kipp Schutz - Schutz came on strong late in the year, improving his average to a team high .392 and making a huge push to be drafted on day 2 in the process.

Joey O'Gara - O'Gara hit 93-94 late in the year and with a little weight added to his 6'7" frame, there is a good chance he could be a guy that can throw it in the mid 90's. If O'Gara is selected, he will probably go on day 3.

Chris Squires - Squires pushed his ERA under 4 with a number of impressive performances out of the pen. Although he only throws in the mid to high 80's, his change-up is one of the best at the collegiate level. Look for Squires to go on day 3 he is picked.

Matt Carr - Carr probably has the least chance to be drafted of all the draft-eligible Hoosier pitchers, but he still throws in the low 90's with a good curve, which could lead a team to take a chance on him late in the draft.

Jake Dunning - Dunning is another guy who has an outside chance at being drafted due to his great arm at SS and the fact that he frequently puts the ball in play (only struck out 24 times in 208 official at bats), but he is really streaky at the plate and is definitely not a guy with a lot of speed. If he is drafted, it will be late in the draft and could be as a pitcher.

If you are keeping score at home, that is a total of 9 Hoosiers from the 2008-2009 squad that could be selected in this year's draft. While we obviously hope all of these guys are drafted and drafted high, it would be great to have a number of these Hoosiers back on next year's team. We will see what happens on Tuesday and Wednesday. I will be back both days with updates on when and where everyone lands. Go Hoosiers!

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