Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hoosiers on Big Ten Network 6 Times in 2010

The following games will be televised live on the Big Ten Network this season:

4/23 @ 7pm - Minnesota
4/24 @ 7pm - Minnesota
4/25 @ 2pm - Minnesota

5/14 @ 2pm - Michigan State
5/15 @ 12pm - Michigan State
5/16 @ 1pm - Michigan State

The series against Ohio State (4/9 - 4/11) will also be televised live on All televised games are away games for the Hoosiers, so this will be a great opportunity for fans to follow the IU baseball squad even when they are not in town.

Click here for the official release from IU.

Go Hoosiers!


  1. What is the series everyone is most looking forward to? I'm going with the buckeyes

  2. metrodome is cool for the guys to play in

  3. My vote is for the OSU series, mostly because of the excitement a Wimmers-Monar showdown will likely generate. That's two of the top pitchers in the conference right there. It will be cool for the team to play in the Metrodome as it is a MLB stadium (for one more year anyway), but I for one think that is one of the worst atmosphere's in baseball, and that will especially be the case given how small the crowd will undoubtedly be for the IU-Minnesota series.