Friday, February 12, 2010

A Look at the Lineup

With the season beginning exactly a week from today, I thought I would throw out my prediction for the lineup that will take the field for the Hoosiers when they open up next Friday against the Toreros of the University of San Diego. Obviously I am not at practice everyday nor am I anywhere close to an expert on IU baseball, but here's what I think the lineup could very well look like for the season opener:

1 - Brian Lambert, CF
2 - Jerrud Sabourin, 1B
3 - Alex Dickerson, DH
4 - Michael Earley, LF
5 - Josh Lyon, C
6 - Tyler Rogers, 2B
7 - Ethan Wilson, 3B
8 - Jerry Kleman/Michael Basil, SS
9 - Micah Johnson, RF
P - Blake Monar

I would say that Lambert, Sabourin, Dickerson, Earley, Lyon and Rogers with Monar on the mound are virtual locks to be in the lineup come opening day. Beyond that, though, I think the final three lineup spots are probably still very much up for grabs, and it could be a case where Coach Smith opts to give a number of guys opportunities to play early on before settling on a regular lineup as the season progresses.

The lineup I put together above is strong at the top, but the bottom third could be a concern given the inexperience of Wilson, Kleman/Basil and Johnson. With Monar on the mound the Hoosiers will be tough to beat, but he can only pitch once a week, so it would be great for the lineup to be one that can give the pitching staff solid run support on a regular basis.

Hopefully this will generate some discussion on the blog. If you see the lineup shaping up differently to begin the season, feel free to share in the comments. Go Hoosiers!


  1. Any predictions on pitching rotation, relievers and closers?

  2. I think Dickerson will play the field. Also need more pop behind him - not sure Early provides that.

    As for pitching - will probably see some early hooks from Skip - if a pitcher is having a bad outting - someone else gets a chance fairly quickly - the quickest hook will be for pitchers not throwing strikes or that are constantly behind in the count. If pitchers challenge adn give defense a chance - then you can hit you way to being competitive.

    I just hope the last two Hooiser games I saw in 2009 are not indicative of the type of effort the 2010 version of the Hoosier Nine have in store for us. I don't believe it will be.

    As for pitching starters - I really believe that is going to be less relevant than effective middle relief. Guys that can keep the games close and give the team a chance - and let Squires finish 'em off.

    I want to see Ethan Wilson at 100% - I believe he can really make a difference in this year's team.

  3. Who do you put for more pop behind Dickerson? Lyon and Sabourin are probably the only two that have more or are close and Sabourin hits for average so I like him in the 2 spot to get several extra at bats and lyon would make our 3-4 hitters both lefthanded which could make it easy on opposing bullpens.

  4. Amonymous - 10 years ago I would agree about the back to back lefties possibly being a problem - but with many more LH pitchers in the game today kids see alot more of it -

    Sabes def should stay at 2 spot - I love him there - I think Lyons might be the right guy behind Dickerson - but I'm not there everyday - just basing it on what I have seen in the past.

    Whether LH or RH hitter - if you're good you're good - Ruth and Gehrig.

  5. Keep in mind that would be 3 lefties in a row, not just 2.

  6. Leiendecker is not playing

  7. Leinedecker has left the team due to back problems not getting any better, etc.. I think Dickerson in left, Earley in rightfield. I like the 3 lefties in a row, could make very tough on a starting right hand pitcher early in the game. DH? I do not know, but hopefully someone can step into that role.

  8. Im going out on a limb to say (Monar, Igle, and either Squires/Stadler) as weekend rotation. If Squires does the closer role then I'd say Stadler. If Squires starts, then Ernest or Roof a potential closer.

  9. I like to read a bunch of little league dads and their opinions.

  10. Who's better in field? Dickerson or Earley?

  11. me to fred! love that sh*t!

  12. I'd rather see Early in field and Dickerson DH, but based on last year and him not getting to play, I dont think the coaches like early in OF.

  13. Anyone think any of these Hoosiers can get drafted this year? And who?

  14. Yes, Monar and Squires

  15. I thought Monar was only a soph...and not eligible for draft...

  16. Mr. Glass, you should spend less time being sarcastic about the fans/parents/friends of IU baseball and spend more time on figuring out how to a win few basketball and football games.

  17. Ok, I'll break my vow to never post on this thing... do you really think Fred Glass wrote that post? Really? Yours truly, Skip

  18. Skip brings up a good point....but then again, how do we know Skip is really Skip or I'm the HoosierFan (no longer "new").

    On a different subject, check out the kid in orange. Shortstop, I tell ya....shortstop!!!

    Oh, yea. Coach Hill shoveling driveways? I think NOT! We ran the AC out here over the weekend AND I got a sunburn working in the yard!!

    While I have always vowed to keep comments as positive as possible in these blogs (baseball is such a mental game), I must ask the following negative question: does anyone know why we have to pay extra to see the video interviews? Someone on the IU staff been losin' at the track lately?!


  19. I don't believe it was really Fred Glass...I don't care if it really was Skip or not(Mrs. Skip with her fancy schmancy Masters in English usually co-ops Skips writing)...but I'm positive that really was Bobby K. (as in Bob Knight) ripping on the lack of IU basketball wins.

    As my former coach would say, "Forget that noise" (anything he didnt agree with or like was considered noise).

    I'm looking at 3-1 this weekend - or heads should roll...

  20. Once again, Scott, I love that positive attitude!!


  21. Scott, Monar is only a sophomore, but he will be draft eligible this year due to his age. Most sophomores are not old enough to be draft eligible, and that is why many people tend to think the rule is that you can't be drafted until after your junior/third year. However, Monar is the exception to the age rule given that he is older for his class, and as a result I would guess there will be a number of scouts in attendance at games in which he starts this year.

  22. Thanks, IUbaseballfan, I knew there was an age/class deal - but I failed to conisder that in my question. Hope he has a fantastic year!

  23. Im tired of the lack of respect coming from you pee-ons, you guys dont know anything. Come see me in the north end zone if you have any questions... bet you wont.

    Go Hoosiers!