Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On the Mound this Weekend

Via Twitter, Coach Smith informed us that the starting rotation for this weekend's Big Ten/Big East Challenge will look like this:

FRI (2/26) @ 1pm ET v. West Virginia - Drew Leininger
SAT (2/27) @ 10am ET v. Villanova - Walker Stadler
SUN (2/28) @ 10am ET v. Connecticut - Blake Monar

It's no surprise to see Leininger and Stadler getting starts this weekend based on how they performed last weekend at San Diego. Hopefully they both turn in good efforts again this weekend and Monar can get back on track.

Go Hoosiers!


  1. Looks like most everyone thinks we will win 2 of 3.

  2. Why toy with Monar in the 3 spot? Put him back at 1 like he should be. Why judge a player on first outing when you know you want him at #1. Come on. This coaching staff loves first impressions when they should give 2nd chances to redeem oneself. Im sure the coaches would like a 2nd chance if they screwed up, which they have before. Yeah.

  3. Maybe the fact that WV has 4 LH bats in the line-up, Nova 2 and Uconn 6 has something to do with it.

    Or maybe Skip wants him in a comfortable role of Sunday guy where he finished up last year.

    Or maybe Skip is using it as a "motivator"

    Or maybe there are certain scouts that want to seen the guy and cant be there until Sunday

    Or maybe Coach Greenspan pulled the names out of a hat...

    Let me bottom line it - when you get the opportunity - make the most of it - whether it is Friday starter or Sunday starter or middle relief(see Leininger).

  4. Or maybe... "his arm hurts!" I know...too obvious.

  5. LOL...way too obvious!

  6. Thanks Mr. Obvious...I never made the connection...