Monday, February 15, 2010

Twitter Update: This Weekend's Rotation

This from Coach Smith earlier today via Twitter:

"Pro Scouts: Fri-Monar, Sat Game 1-Igel, Game 2 TBA, Sun-Stadler"
That may lend a little clarity to my previous post on IU's pitching rotation. It's no surprise that Blake Monar and Matt Igel are getting the nod in games 1 and 2, respectively. The fact that Walker Stadler will get the ball in the series finale on Sunday may be an indication that the freshman right-hander is the early leader in the competition for team's third weekend starter spot.

Go Hoosiers!


  1. Can anybody here enlighten me on the strategy of a pitching rotation? My understanding is that the Friday night guy is your "ace". What about the rest of the rotation? Is there some method to the determination of Sat, Sunday guys?

  2. in order (1 thru 3, or 4) are your best starting pitchers (usually 3 plus pitches, command and control, and endurance on the mound) your relief pitchers will be shorter in endurance with not quite as great pitches usually. Maybe one or 2 plus pitches.

  3. So....according to coach Smith's recent twitter: Monar #1 (Friday), Igel #2 (Sat AM), ??? #3 (Sat PM), Stadler #4 (Sunday). I was thrown off by the absense of the #3 starter. I'm sure there's some strategy in there somewhere that i'm not getting (wouldn't be the first time). I'm hoping Monar can come out firing on all cylinders and give the hitters a chance to do their thing and get this weekend off on a good note.

  4. I would conjecture at this point that Stadler is number 3. 2nd games of doubleheaders often times have "look and see" line ups. Unless of course it is a conference make-up. By naming the starters of the other games - each can get their appropriate timing of work in before their respective starts. Also lends me to speculate that Skip may plan on using game number 2 on Saturday as a "staff" day.

  5. I agree with Scott. Probably just want to keep with the Fri/Sat/Sun theme. As for the starter in game 2 on sat, i'm sure it depends on how the first 2 go. If we are winning or the game is close, I'm sure coach smith will go with the best available from the bullpen then to win early to get momentum. Or, at least I hope so. This should be a early measuring stick against a ranked team.