Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking to Get Over the Hump Against Louisville

Click here for an article from the Indiana Official Sports Report in advance of today's game. Go Hoosiers!


  1. We've lost at least 4 in a row to Luvul...I can't stand losing to them...especially when they have clowns like WonderLick.

    I understand spur of the moment emotion...but it was time to stop staring, glaring and screaming at the pitcher BEFORE he rounded third...or got near the plate.

    Like Tom Landry told Tony Dorsett many years ago..."act like you've been there before and you're going back again!"

    Hopefully today - the late inning umpiring wont be as "generous" to Luvul pitching as it was in Luvul...if it came outta his hand it was a strike...

    Also, I'd dispense with the obligatory post game handshakes today...someone might be "throwing some hands"

  2. Louisville has definitely gotten the best of us recently. Interesting that Smith tried to use the hot Leininger instead of going to Q late in the game.

  3. Just when I thought I couldn't dislike Luval any more than I already did...