Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Look at Michigan State

Overall Record - 30-16
Conference Record - 8-10
Team BA - .325 (IU - .321)
Team ERA - 5.21 (IU - 6.57)

Hitter to watch for: Eli Boike. While the Spartans have many solid hitters (7 starters hit .330 or better), I chose Boike as the player to watch for. Boike leads the Spartans in average (.373), slugging percentage (.599), triples (4), homeruns (7), and OB% (.442).

Probable Starters:
Friday - AJ Achter - 4.01 ERA, 83 IP, 85 hits, 68 Ks, 32 BBs
Saturday - Kurt Wunderlich - 4.58 ERA, 74.2 IP, 90 hits, 42 Ks, 25 BBs
Sunday - Tony Bucciferro - 4.66 ERA, 77.1 IP, 89 hits, 45 Ks, 15 BBs

Michigan State has stolen 81 bases this years much in part to the speedy duo of Jeff Holm (22 SBs) and Brandon Eckerle (21 SBs). The IU pitchers and Dylan Swift must be very aware of these two, as well as Derek Roof (13 SBs) and Ryan Jones (9 SBs) when they are on the basepaths.

High Scoring Games:
With two of the best offensive teams in the Big Ten, look for this weekend to potentially turn into high scoring affairs. IU should be able to put up runs against a Michigan State starting rotation that will give up hits. While I shouldn't have any problems scoring this weekend, IU must get solid starting performances from its own weekend starters against a Spartan team that comes into the weekend with the best batting average in the Big Ten.

Carr has been great on Sundays, and we will need the same out of him this weekend. Leienger needs to get back to what he was doing early in the season and a Saturday guy (whether it be Hoffman, Stadler, Igel, or an other) needs to give IU 5+ good innings. If the Hoosier pitching cannot keep the Michigan State offense at bay, look for these game to get into double digits very quickly.

Go Hoosiers!


  1. No Update in a while... Good Season Hoosiers. Congrats to Dick on a stellar year and to all the others that had great years as well. pitching will continue to get better next year. things are looking bright.

  2. what the hell happened to this blog???

  3. It's opening day! What in the heck happened to the best IU baseball site on the net?

  4. Spartans have many hitters in MLB Standings last time i seen lots of home run. How they perform in this year MLB Standings