Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Ten All-Tournament Team

P – Eric Arnett, Indiana
P – Matt Bashore, Indiana

P – Tom Buske, Minnesota
C – Dan Burkhart, Ohio State
1B – Nick O’Shea, Minnesota
2B – Derek McCallum, Minnesota
3B – Vince Gonzalez, Indiana
SS – Jake Dunning, Indiana

OF – Pete Cappetta, Illinois
OF – Kipp Schutz, Indiana
OF – Eric Decker, Minnesota
DH – Alex Dickerson, Indiana

Most Outstanding Player: Matt Bashore, Indiana

Congrats to all named to the Big Ten Baseball All-Tournament team. I know many other Hoosiers were worthy, but I guess they had to give some of the spots to individuals on the other teams!


  1. Congrats to the Hoosiers!

    Let me take a moment to recover from breaking my arm because I've been patting myself on the back all night long - I believe MY GUY Igel got the start and helped put the Hoosiers in GREAT position with an excellent start.

    Oh, who was promoting Igel as the game 4 starter...I believe it was me...if you think I'm tough to live with when I'm wrong (assuming that's ever gonna happen) you should try hanging out with me when I'm right...

  2. I've got a feeling during the tournaments ahead (yeah that was with an S ssssss - plural) the announcers are going to be asking themselves - on air of course - how the hell did this Hoosier team lose 25 games?

    Oh yeah - I'm giving a Shout out to Coach Scotty Googins at Xavier - The Musketeers earned their spot in the NCAA Regionals by winning their conference tourney.

    Both Googs & Smitty were fomer assistants for Coach Bob Morgan's 1996 Hoosier team - the last Hoosier team to make the NCAA Regionals...coincidence...I don't think so.

    One thing a Coach must always be able to do - regardless of the X's and O's - is recognize talent...It's obvious former Hooiser Coach Bob Morgan recognized the talent both Smith and Googins possessed.

    Now, how damn far am I gonna have to drive...I'm voting against Austin Texas and for Vanderbilt or Louisville...after all...we owe Louisville a little sumpin' sumpin'!

  3. Congrats to Igel. He showed great poise, always got out of any trouble allowed, fleded his position well, and kept IU in the game. Don't forget about how doiminant Squires was to though only allowing 2 hits in 4 innings while striking out 4.

    I know there are several fans hoping for a regional in CA, but I would like Louisville.