Sunday, May 24, 2009

Official Regional Sites

Here are the official NCAA baseball regional sites:

ACC (4): North Carolina, Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech
SEC (3): Louisiana State, Florida, Mississippi
Big 12 (2): Texas, Oklahoma
CUSA (2): Rice, East Carolina
Big West (2): UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton
Big East (1): Louisville
MWC (1): Texas Christian
Pac-10 (1): Arizona State

We will know tomorrow where we will be playing, so check back for more detail.


  1. Louisville would definitely be nice because it is only 2 hours from Bloomington and I think the next closest is Atlanta Georgia which is closer to 8 hours away. Do they take into account location and whether or not the teams have previously played when deciding?

  2. It's not on his preview list but Vanderbilt would be an excellent location. I don't know what the chances of them hosting are - I know they would need to beat LSU today to get in I think...have no idea if they would allow multiple hosting sites in the same conference...LSU is probably a mortal lock to host.

    But since the Vandy Campus is about a 55 minute commute from my driveway...GO Commodores!

    (That's where Michigan won a couple years back)

  3. I think UC Irvine or Cal State Fullerton would be much better. They are only 80 miles away vice 1,920!!


  4. I don't care where the regional is as long as we end up in Omaha!

  5. Well said, Harold, well said!!

  6. No Vandy on the list Scott...

  7. Oh well, ir really doesn't matter...if it's in Louisville - I start driving Friday morning...if it's in Cali...I start driving tomorrow night...Gotta love the XM radio...