Monday, May 25, 2009

Hoosiers Headed to Louisville as a #4 Seed

#1 - Louisville (44-15)
#2 - Middle Tennessee (43-16)
#3 - Vanderbilt (34-25)
#4 - Indiana (32-25)

This is without a doubt a fantastic location for IU. Let's hope there is a big contingent of fans in Louisville on Friday to cheer on our beloved Hoosiers!

The Louisville baseball website says that games will be played at 3pm and 7pm EST on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a game on Monday to be played at 7pm EST if necessary.

Here's a link to the full field of 64. Ohio State is a #3 at Florida State, and Minnesota is a #2 at LSU.

If we win the Louisville regional, we would play a best-of-three game series vs. the winner of the CS Fullerton regional. If things pan out, this could mean a short drive for some of our west coast fans!

Check out Buckeye Nine Tournament Central for a great recap of the Big Ten Tournament as well as the season as a whole. It is worth a read.


  1. I think the seeding begs a question.

    IU beat both OSU AND Minny in the regular season AND in the BTT. I feel like a lot of weight was put on IU's struggles outside of the Big Ten. That's fine and certainly just. But how does Minny get a #2 seed?

    I feel like the main criteria for seeding was out of conference play and head-to-head matchups weren't really a factor at all.

  2. RPI seemed to be a huge factor and our out of conference losses really hurt that.

  3. You are spot on George. RPI definitely played a huge role in determining IU's seeding. Entering the Big Ten Tournament, IU's RPI was 125, while Minnesota's was 24 and Ohio State's was 32. The plethora of non-conference losses was the big factor here. Couple that with the fact that IU probably doesn't make the field of 64 without winning the conference tourney, and it is pretty easy to see why IU got a #4 seed.

  4. Vandy is a team that shouldn't have gotten in - they beat out UK on getting in the SEC tourney by virtue of a rainout - if they were a "norhtern" team with a 34-25 record - they would be at home right now - regardless of RPI

  5. make that "northern" - obviously I'm an unfortunate product of "southern" public schools

  6. Illinois is a northern team at home with their 34-20 record. Conference streghth is huge and the SEC is much stronger at least by the experts than the Big Ten and Vandy finished second in their conference tournament.

  7. I realize Vandy finished 2nd in tourney - but part of the reason other teams exit early in the SEC - is hell - virtually all are going to the NCAA tourney - so there is no sense of "urgency"

    I agree - if IU plays better in mid week games their situation totally changes as far seeding - etc.

    IU will probably be seeing Justin Marks (LHP) the winningest pitcher in UL history...But I like the Hoosiers' chances with Arnett on the hill...

    The place is a homer dome - maybe some will fly IU's way.

  8. Marks has only given up 5 home runs on the year so I'm hopin we can just hit the ball solid like we did in the Big Ten tourney.

  9. Hoosiers will hit Marks well.