Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baseball America's Final Field Projection

In the final field of 64 projection, Aaron Fitt of Baseball America has us in the Louisville, KY regional as the #4 seed as follows:

1. Louisville
2. Vanderbilt
3. Western Kentucky
4. Indiana

It is obviously still a projection, but I personally would love for the Hoosiers to be in the Louisville regional to hopefully get as much fan support as possible (sorry CA parents/fans!). Plus, after watching Louisville put up 25 runs on us in 2 games during the regular season, I would love to see how they fare with Eric Arnett on the mound.

The official tournament selection will be on ESPN tomorrow (Monday) at 12:30pm ET.


  1. i would like this regional. we can beat all of those teams and i can go watch the game

  2. I thought we might have a chance at the #3 seed, but I would take the #4 if we get to play in Louisville!

  3. I would like to see IU in the uc irvine or cal state fullerton regional.

  4. If we end up in cali im confident we will still have a good fan base of just family and friends of the 7 cali boys. I like louisville so we can have a lot more casual fans that might come take in a game just to support IU sports. as a side question - if IU would have performed well early in the year and finished as a top seed, would they have even let sembower host a regional?

  5. 4 seed in Louisville! GO IU!

  6. Terrance,
    No. They would not and will NEVER allow Sembower to host a regional in it's current form. 2 years ago the University of San Diego was picked to host and they had to use San Diego State's facility and let me tell you, USD's stadium was not that bad and was WAY better than Sembowewr. You know, if it would save money, why don't they just build a nice facility around it's current location?

    Anyway, lets not talk anymore of that now. It's time for the Hoosiers to get their head on straight and WIN THIS FIRST ROUND.

    Hey, HoosierWest, haven't heard from you in a while. Yea Irvine would have been awesome, but hopefully when can all meet in Omaha.

  7. NewHoosierFan, we win our regional and we can meet in Fullerton as that is where the super regional will be played. Louisville regional winner will play the fullerton regional winner, most likely Fullerton and they will host a super based on their national seeding.

  8. Now, that would be awesome!!