Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eric Arnett Pitches 1 Inning in Minor League Debut

In his first minor league appearance for the Helena Brewers, Eric Arnett pitched 1 inning giving up 2 earned runs. Based on the recap, it appeared he did not have his normal control or perhaps he was just over-throwing based on adrenaline (2 walks, 1 HBP). Regardless, it was only his first appearance after a long rest from live competition, and we all know he is capable of much more. I have no doubt there will be much more impressive performances for Eric Arnett in the near future, and his current 18.00 ERA will be forced down very quickly. The following is a recap of his inning pitched.

•Paul Goldschmidt grounds out, shortstop Joshua Prince to first baseman Hitaniel Arias.
•David Narodowski walks.
•With Keon Broxton batting, David Narodowski steals (1) 2nd base.
•Keon Broxton hit by pitch.
•Errol Hollinger grounds into a force out, third baseman Edgar Trejo to second baseman Kyle Dhanani. David Narodowski to 3rd. Keon Broxton out at 2nd. Errol Hollinger to 1st.
•Raywilly Gomez walks. Errol Hollinger to 2nd.
•Ender Inciarte singles on a ground ball to center fielder Derrick McPhearson. David Narodowski scores. Errol Hollinger scores. Raywilly Gomez to 3rd.
•David Nick lines out to left fielder Chris Ellington.

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