Thursday, August 20, 2009

Minor League Baseball Stats - As of 8/20

Eric Arnett (pictured on right) - Helena Brewers (5.09 ERA, 17.2 IP, 14 hits, 19 Ks, 14 BBs)
Matt Bashore - Elizabethton Twins (0.00 ERA, 2 IP, 3 hits, 2 Ks, 0 BBs)
Evan Crawford - AZL Giants (18-66 for .273 BA, .324 OB%, 7 RBIs, 14 runs, 9-9 SBs) - now playing in Class A Short Season as shown below
Jake Dunning - AZL Giants (15-61 for .246 BA, .258 OB%, 7 RBIs, 8 runs; 9.00 ERA, 1 IP, 2 hits, 2 Ks, 1 BB)
Chris Hervey - GCL Orioles (12.60 ERA, 10 IP, 15 hits, 6 Ks, 7 BBs)
Kipp Schutz (pictured on right) - Bluefield Orioles (28-109 for .257 BA, .352 OB%, 14 RBIs, 19 runs, 2-5 SBs)

Class A Short Season
Joey O'Gara - Jamestown Jammers (5.74 ERA, 31.1 IP, 40 hits, 22 Ks, 10 BBs)
Evan Crawford - Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (15-52 for .288 BA, .377 OB%, 7 RBIs, 11 runs, 4-5 SBs)

Class A
Josh Phegley - Kannapolis Intimidators (31-135 for .230 BA, .286 OB%, 7 HRs, 22 RBIs, 22 runs)


  1. IU players living the dream....hopefully we'll get to see some of them in the big show in the near future!!


  2. That brings up a question Bosco...after having 7 IU players drafted last year, how many go this year? My guess is 1.

  3. **change from earlier post...I meant to write 2**

  4. Wow. Great question. I suppose it depends on who will be eligible. From last year's Sophomore class (Juniors this year) I count 9. And then there are those Sophomores this year that are over 21?

    If we are thinking only those that have a great performance record to date, my opinion is that it matters what happens this year. How does the individual do and how does the team do. Was Arnett a high pick favorite to start the year? And who would have guessed that all of those guys would get drafted.

    Hey!! But who am I but an interested parent. I think it's great that allot of guys get drafted. Yea, it causes some rebuilding problems, but most of these kids would love to play the game as long as possible, so at some point that means the transition to the next level.

  5. Monar will be a draft-eligible sophomore.

  6. Don't forget the senior Squires either.

    Plus, Leiendecker can get drafted again after being drafted out of high school.

  7. There you go!! Three guys that the fans have all tagged to make significant contributions this season! Lets cross our fingers, hope they tear it up and all go in high rounds....they'll be more than just those guys, too. Sabourin comes to mind. Talk about a guy that's impossible to get out.


  8. woops...bad grammer, "there will" be more vice "they'll"

  9. I didn't think about Sabourin, but I guess that's the type of player he is. He is quietly VERY good.

  10. BTP,
    When is the 2010 schedule come out? Rumor has it the Hoosiers may be coming out to San Diego to play USD and SDSU.

  11. ...once again, if I would actually proof before posting I wouldn't have to apologize for my Univ of New Mexico BA...

    "When will the 2010 schedule be posted?" Is that better?

  12. Any news/info on why Bashore only threw 2 innings this summer for the Twins rookie team?