Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Hoosier Additions

After losing 310.1 innings (60% of total innings) pitched from last year's roster to the draft, injuries, graduation, and transfers, the Hoosiers have added RHP Tyler Feine (6’6” from Amelia, OH) and RHP Derek Roof (6’4”) as late additions to the 2009 class in hopes of adding to the Hoosier pitching depth.

From Premier Prospects Baseball: "Derek Roof: Roof was unknown before the showcase, but everyone knew who he was after. The 6'5", very skinny pitcher has come into his own in the last year and topped out at 89 mph. Consistently clocked at 85-87mph. His curveball was equally impressive as it was a hard breaker and clocked at 72-75 mph. The changeup had late bite and was 73-75 mph. Both pitches were high end."

While I have never seen Roof pitch and know nothing about him other than what this brief scouting report provides, I really like the fact that he is already topping out at 89 and probably has a lot of room to add weight to that 6'5" "very skinny" frame. Seems to me like this is a guy who could be throwing consistently in the 90's after an offseason or two with the IU strength and conditioning guys.

That's the scoop on Roof. If I run across anything on Feine, I will add it to this post. Go Hoosiers!


  1. I don't know how good they are, but they are both TALL!

  2. More arms can never hurt!