Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hoosiers Fall to Norse 10-6 in Fall Game

With several players seeing playing time, the Indiana Hoosier baseball team lost to Northern Kentucky 10-6. The Norse were a formidable foe for the Hoosiers as they had been the Great Lakes Valley Conference Champions (Division II) the last two years. Keep in mind that the game doesn't count for the Hoosiers season record, and it was clear that the IU coaching staff was more concerned with getting multiple players game experience than winning and understandably so. As many people speculated after draft day, the Hoosiers are going to be light on pitching and that was evident by allowing 9 runs combined in the 8th and 9th innings. The hitting was also average while the defense committed 3 errors. It is still only the fall, so I'm sure the pitching, hitting, and fielding will only get better moving forward.

Starting Lineup:
CF - Brian Lambert
1B - Jerrud Sabourin
LF - Alex Dickerson
C - Josh Lyon
DH - Michael Earley
2B - Tyler Rogers
RF - Kyle Leiendecker
SS - Michael Basil
3B - Micah Johnson
P - Blake Monar

Please feel free to leave your comments or any takeaways you saw from the game in the section below.


  1. hoosiers showed some signs of strength. even though pitching needs some work. kyle leinedecker not pitching and just playing right field i assume? once before drafted pitcher and we need pitching help.....?

  2. Leiendecker is going to have to pitch! We just don't have the depth and he may have the strongest arm out of the pitchers. Plus he didn't look that comfortable fielding RF.

    Both Lyon and W. Wilson each threw out a guy stealing, Johnson made some good plays at 3B, tie for the best defensive play of the game with Kleman on the dive and throw to first and Knipp in LF with a diving catch, Monar looked good on the mound, Sabourin hit a homer, Earley hit a triple, and I'm sure theres more I'm missing.

  3. The players should be in game ready shape in the fall as most if not all have been playing ball most of the summer. One game does not paint a picture but the fall is should not be an excuse.

  4. A lot of pitchers/hitters weightlift harder in the fall than they would during the season which could have an impact. Also they havent seen live pitching for a while and many of the freshman are still getting used to college pitching and pitching against better hitters. Some are also playing different positions than they played in the summer and some seem to be coming off injuries. I think the fall is a bit of an excuse with all those things considered. But it is disappointing to lose both those games.