Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hoosiers Drop Game 1 to Bucks 7-1

"We ran into a buzz saw tonite in Wimmers. Good news is we wont see him again this wkend. Igel starting to settle in - good for us."
- Tracy Smith

I think this Tweet from Coach Smith pretty much sums up the game in a nutshell. Matt Igel pitched well, but the dominance of pitching sensation Alex Wimmers simply couldn't be matched. The reigning Big Ten co-Pitcher of the Year went the distance in this one, yielding just 6 hits and striking out 14 in doing so.

Click here for the box score and here for the recap from

The outcome of Game 1 was pretty much what I expected. Hopefully the Hoosiers will rebound today and add another W to the win column.

Go Hoosiers!


  1. Thanks for keeping all the links to the obscure articles and blogs in your articles. You've done a great job keeping up with all that is out there.

  2. We are good hitters, but I don't think we are good against great pitching. Hopefully if we see Wimmers again, the hitters will be more prepared.

  3. We did pretty well against some pretty nice draft prospects against San Diego and Louisville. I don't know why, but Wimmers really matches up well against us.

  4. What I could see on the internet broadcast (which wasn't great), Wimmers threw an excellent game. If they give him 6-8" off the outside corner--which is what it appeared--his control would make him very difficult to hit.

    Someone who was present can please chime in if I'm incorrect.

    Another note: Leininger also pitched great and deserved co-pitcher of the week. The 4 runs were unearned, only 8 vs 14 strikeouts but 2 less hits. He still sits atop the Big10 with the lowest ERA and lowest average against. I guess he has to throw a no hitter.

  5. They definitely gave him the corners, but I think we only had one or two K's looking. We just don't hit strikeout pitchers bc we don't have great contact hitters.